You can activate the Sharepoint integration if you are an admin user of the company.

The activation is done by managing the company’s Visma Sign account settings (settings -> service connections -> integrations):

  • Click “add a new integration” -> choose “Sharepoint” from the drop-down menu -> click “select”
  • Name: Add a name for your integration here. You can choose any name, e.g. the name of your company.
  • URL: Add the URL of your Sharepoint homepage. The URL is visible in your browser’s address line.
  • Username: Add a Sharepoint username here (We recommend that you create  a user account of your own for this Sharepoint integration use).
  • Password: Add a Sharepoint password here.
  • Click “active” next to the folder, where the documents are in Visma Sign.
  • Create  “document path”: This part defines which folder in Sharepoint the documents from a particular Visma Sign folder are saved.


Here are instructions on how you can view a document path in Sharepoint:



  • Open Sharepoint -> Edit -> Select the desired section/header title in the sidebar -> Click the title -> Copy the text between the previous slash and “/Forms/AllItems.aspx”
  • For example. /sites/VismaTest/Shared document/Forms/AllItems.aspx
  • Please note that the section/header title in the folder path is always the original name you have originally created in Sharepoint. Because of this, the correct path should always be checked as described above.



  • If you have created subfolders, copy the name of the desired folder that is underneath the header. In other cases, you should save the documents directly under the header. 
  • For example. A test -folder.


  • Create a path by combining part 1 and 2. For example, Shared documents/Test. 
  • Add the text in the “document path” box.

To test if the integration is working properly, you can send a test file in the following way: 

Login to your Visma Sign account -> Settings -> Company -> Integrations -> click Test -button next to the Sharepoint integration.

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