The user must be a user of at least one company in Visma Sign in order to create and modify online forms. That is, the form functions are not available by private users of Visma Sign. 

The form can be shared with anyone by email. If the recipient does not use Visma Sign yet, they will be able to use the form as soon as they have registered their company to use Visma Sign. You can share a form you have saved earlier by opening it through the modification link in your email. Select Actions - Share a copy. The form must be in Published state in order to be shared.



Enter the recipient’s email address and write a message to explain the matter. The recipient will receive the necessary information to use the form including your message by email and will be able to use your form as a basis for their own forms. The recipient does not have to work for the same company. When you share a form, the recipient will not be able to access your company documents, other forms or any other information in your company.

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