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Sini Pokki


Changes in the Visma Sign Sharepoint integration from 1.9. onwards

30-08-2022 4:32 pm posted by Sini Pokki

What are the changes about?

Microsoft Sharepoint is incrementally changing towards the new Azure Single Sign On (SSO)-authentication starting from 1.9.2022. This authentication method will replace the old username & password method. According to Microsoft, the purpose of these changes is to modernise the authentication process and improve the information security for the user.

The Visma Sign Sharepoint integration uses the old authentication method, which will cause the integration to stop working in some cases starting from 1.9.2022. This means that the signed documents will no longer be automatically transferred to Sharepoint.

In all Microsoft 365 environments created after 22.10.2019, the integration will cease working immediately after 1.9.2022 due to Microsoft's own security measures. In other Microsoft 365 environments the Sharepoint integration will no longer work, if the old authentication is disabled.

We want to ensure that our customers will be able to easily use Sharepoint in the future as well, and the plan is to release a third party Frends Ipaas implementation in the following months.

If your organisation doesn’t want the information to be transferred with the use of a third party, it’s also possible to develop a direct integration between the programs by using the Visma Sign API-documentation.

Who does this change apply to?

The change will impact all of our customers using Sharepoint cloud-solutions in cases where the old authentication method will be disabled. In practice this includes users whose Microsoft 365 environment has been created after 22.10.2019 and users who have disabled the old authentication method by themselves. Currently the changes do not apply to on-premises solutions, but they are assumed to affect on-premises solutions as well during spring 2023.

What do these changes require from me?

We will inform you in more detail when the new Sharepoint integration is available, but for now no action is required.

During the transition period, the signed documents can be found in your Visma Sign archive. In the case that the users in your organisation do not have the required access rights, the access can be given by the admin user. Please keep in mind that if you are using a solution that automatically removes the document from Visma Sign, your Signed documents will not be found in Visma Sign or Sharepoint.

We are striving to bring you the new integration as soon as possible. We will have new information about the release of the integration during the following months.

If you have any questions regarding the changes in the Sharepoint integration, please contact our integration support at