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Forms can be modified with a mouse and keyboard. Touch screen devices cannot unfortunately be used to modify forms. However, fillng in a form and signing it is easy with a small touch screen.

Account admins can add users to the company and change their access rights. Before adding the new user, make sure you have created a folder and a group for the user. This is done to restrict user access.

You can register your company through our web page . Fill in the same information into your personal information as you did with your previous account. You can also register the account with a new username and password. When you have entered your company’s information and identified yourself, the service will link you to your existing private user account.

The electronic signatures are based on the Act on strong electronic authentication and electronic signatures, and this in turn is based on the eIDAS EU regulation. 

National legislation and other norms dictate how national and local authorities receive and process electronically signed documents.

Forms is an easy-to-use form editing tool, with the forms automatically including electronic signature features. All companies using Visma Sign service can use the Visma Sign Forms service.

When talking about electronic signatures, strong authentication means authenticating the signer by more than one means. In comparison light authentication occurs by means of just one method, such as a password

When signing something with a light signature, there is no authentication done and the signing is done either with your finger or with your computer mouse.

Currently documents can be sent to be signed with strong authentication in Finland, Sweden, Norway and Denmark. In order to sign a document with strong authentication, the recipient must have one of the following:

• Finnish personal identity code and Finnish bank IDs or mobile ID

• Swedish personal ID and BankID 

• Danish personal ID and NemID 

• Norwegian BankID

If the signer owns none of the above, you can ask her/him to sign it without strong authentication. Citizens from any other country (than Finland, Sweden, Norway or Denmark) can sign without strong authentication. 

The error is usually caused by your browser. If the authentication fails for the first time, we recommend you to try another browser. Another possible reason can be the personal identity code entered not matching with the one found in the authentication channel. The error can also be caused by the signer using corporate bank IDs, with limited use for matters other than the bank’s own business

Problems often occur when you are using some other PDF reader than Adobe Reader. You should check that you have Adobe Reader, preferably its latest version. You should also remember that signatures apply to the entire document, and no single page can be removed from the document and still keep the signatures intact. A document should always be viewed with all of its pages.

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