Company´s administrators can now create invitation templates for the company and customize them if necessary. The idea is, that you can set invitation settings as default, which can speed up and simplify the invitation process.

Invitation templates can be created in Settings -> Organization info -> Invitation templates -> Add a new invitation template.

When you create a new invitation template, you must always select a user group that can use the template you are creating. You also have to select a folder, where all the documents that are sent by using this invitation template, will be stored. In this case, please note that the selected user group determines who can see the invitation template and the template you create may not be available to all users. Invitation templates are not available on private user accounts.


Using an invitation template:

When creating an invitation, you can select the desired invitation template and that way the previously defined settings will be used. All the templates that a specific user can choose, will be shown in the pull-down menu at new document tab. Please note that different templates are available for different user groups. 

Even though the user selects a template to the invitation, it is still possible to change the settings. The invitation template just adds all the setting to the default as the creator of an template has set.

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