The best way to start creating a form is to first save the form with default settings all the way to the Deployment tab. This is because the form will only be saved at this point, once you have moved to the deployment page. When you then open the form using the edit link, you can save your form from the bottom of the page. 

So how do I do it?

1. Click on the Create online form button

2. Go through the default settings up to the deployment tab, filling in only the mandatory fields (note: the Company field is the only field that cannot be edited afterwards, so please be careful if you manage multiple company accounts)

3. Once you are on the Setup tab, the form base is now created and you can close the tab

4. Open the email and click on the edit link in the message you receive

5. now start building your form, always remember to save the form at the bottom of the page! 

The online form is built using the "drag and drop" editor (Drag & Drop). So you don't need any coding skills or previous experience in creating web forms. Using the drag and drop technique, select the data fields you want to add to the form from the left-hand side and edit them as you wish. 

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