Once you have sent an invitation, it is immediately saved in the Documents of the sending account. The Documents will always show all documents, regardless of the status. 

In addition, you can also find a new document in the open invitations view, which shows all pending documents in the signature cycle that are missing at least one signature. No other documents are displayed here. 

If you have signed a document with Visma Sign strong authentication, the document will be saved in your personal repository by default, which you can access by registering with Visma Sign as an individual at https://sign.visma.net/fi/register.

If more than 30 days elapse between registration and signature, the document is automatically deleted from the personal Documents. In this case, we recommend contacting the sender of the invitation. The document can also be requested from the sender if it has been signed without strong authentication.

If you have both sent and signed the document yourself, in this case the document will only be found in the company's archives.

For more detailed instructions, see the folder "Management of sent invitations".

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