When you save a new online form, you will receive a message to the email account you specified in your Visma Sign settings. This message contains a link for using the form and modifying it later. The form heading is the same as the form you specified for easy identification later.

1. Click the link and start modifying the form.

2. You can modify the form’s structure, texts and settings the same way as when creating a new form. Move between the tabs shown at the top of the form editor.

Note that any changes you make will be saved when you click Save at the bottom of the page. The changes will also apply to previously published forms immediately. If you want to make a modified version of a widely used form, it is advisable to make a copy of it, modify it as you like, and lastly replace the old form’s link or embedding code with that of the new form. Read more about copying forms from copying template.

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