• Why did I receive an invoice for the Visma Sign service? 
    Visma Sign is an electronic signature service. You can find more information at https://vismasign.fi/english/. You can see from the invoice whether the package you are using is a monthly or annual package. The annual package is charged at the start of the license period, and the monthly package monthly retroactively.

  • Why is the invoice charged separately for signatures?  
    If the balance of the company's package exceeds the license period, we will invoice the signatures that exceeded the package separately. The price of a signature exceeding the package is €1.50 (15 NOK / SEK) (VAT 0%).

  • Why are SMS charges charged on the invoice?
    The Visma Sign service allows you to send a signature invitation via text message. These text messages sent from the service will be charged separately. They do not include in the package.  The price of one text message is €0.18 (2 NOK/SEK) / (VAT 0%).

  • My company is about to merge, how do I work with a Visma Sign account?
    If the merger takes place with a company that does not yet have the Visma Sign service in use, the merging company's account and archives can be transferred to a new organization ID. In this case, please contact our support, who will guide you in making the authorization. If both companies already have a Visma Sign account in use, make sure that the archive of the Visma Sign account of the merging company is downloaded and submit a notice of termination to our support. From the Visma Sign account of the company that is the subject of the merger, the necessary users from the merging company can be invited to become users of the new account.

  • I paid the invoice twice, what do I do?
    The overpayment on the invoice is automatically allocated to future Visma Sign service invoices. This does not cause you to take action.

  • How do I cancel the Visma Sign service?
    The notice period is one month. The notice period begins to run at the end of the calendar month during which the notice of termination was delivered. If you want to terminate your company's Visma Sign account, send a notice of termination to our support at tuki.sign@visma.com / hjalp.sign@visma.com / stotte.sign@visma.com.

    Please note that payments made in advance are not refunded. If you want to terminate the annual license, you can do so in advance. In that case, please state in your message whether you want to close the account immediately after the notice period or at the end of the current license period. In the latter case, you can use the signatures included in the package during the license period.

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