When an organisation uses Visma Sign Forms for the first time, the admin must activate the form service in the Visma Sign account settings. You can already create a form even if you are not your company’s admin, but you cannot save any forms until access has been granted to the form service. When you get to the Settings page, the organisation’s admin will receive an email stating that a notification should be accepted. The message received by the admin specifies the application (VismaSign FormsBuilder / Visma Sign Forms).

Do as follows to accept the service connection:

1. Login to your Visma Sign account.

2. Go to settings -> service connections 

3. Visma Sign Forms appears under Software Connections, so you can now accept the connection.

Once the admin has accepted the organisation connection, you may continue modifying the form and save it. No further action is required from the admin following the activation. Members of the organisation can create their own forms and modify existing ones by logging in using their own credentials.

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