All companies using Visma Sign service can use the Visma Sign Forms service. The user must be a user of at least one company in Visma Sign in order to create and modify online forms. That is, the form functions are not available by private users of Visma Sign. 

Forms is an easy-to-use form editing tool, with the forms automatically including electronic signature features. There is no separate charge for making and publishing forms. We do not charge for signatures as part of the Visma Sign service unless the signatures are used in completed forms.

Any forms you have created can be sent as a link to be filled in and signed, or embedded into your web page using iFrame. Any signed forms are emailed to an email account you have designated and to the signer’s email account as PDF attachments. Any signed forms are also saved in the Visma Sign Archive.

Once you have logged in to the Visma Sign online service, go to the form editor using the Create form link or a link sent to you.