When you want to register the signature service for your company, association, authority, foundation etc., register at https://sign.visma.net/en/register. From now on the instructions talk about registering a company, but the same procedure applies to all types of organisations. 

When you register a company, you become its Visma Sign admin, enabling you to adjust the settings, manage user rights and add users. 

1. Select I also want to register a company. The registration form will open the necessary additional fields. Please enter the company name carefully in its official form.

2. If you are not authorised to sign for your company, then after registering you can email a power of attorney signed by the company’s signer to Visma Sign customer service at support.sign@visma.com. The power of attorney can be free-form, but it must make clear that you are authorised to register the Visma Sign service for your company and to act as the admin.

3. In order to complete the registration, you will need your personal bank ID or a mobile ID on your mobile phone. You must also be able to access the email account that you provide in your personal details on the registration form.

4. Once the registration is complete, the service is ready for use provided the company does not, for example, have major credit problems or anything else recorded in Visma’s customer register that requires separate assessment. 

5. If you want to register more than one company, fill in a registration form for each of them.

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