Account admins can add users to the company and change their access rights. Users are added through the settings as follows:  

1. Add the user’s email address and optionally the phone number. An email address is mandatory when adding a user.  

2. Select a user group to which the user is added. The user group defines which folders the user can view and what the user’s access rights to these folders are. 

3. Select the registration invitation language and click save

4. The new user will receive an email invitation. By clicking the link in the email the new user can complete registration as a user for the company. When logging in, the user must provide authentication either with a bank ID or mobile ID, provided the user has not previously registered for the Visma Sign service. If a user added to the company already has a private account or an account linked to another company, the user may confirm their login with their own user ID and password.

If the registration invitation apparently hasn’t arrived, check the spam folder. If the invitation is not found, the inviter can send one again by selecting send reminder next to the user on the invitation row. If the invitation was sent to the wrong address, the sender can cancel it by clicking delete on the invitation row. The text (Invitation sent) will appear in place of the user’s name until the user completes the registration. 


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