Company settings can be modified with admin rights. The settings page is divided into four sections: organization info, users, message templates and service connections. Below is a brief overview of what settings you can edit on each tab. 

Organization info At the top of this tab, you'll see general information about your company, such as company´s name, address and e-invoice address. You can change the company colour in menu colour. The colour is shown among other places in the top bar of the signature view. Enter the colour in RGB format. See for example to find the correct colour code. You can upload a company logo by clicking the position chosen for a logo. The logo must be a JPG, PNG or GIF image file and no more than half a megabyte in size. The logo is displayed to the signer during the signing process. After adding the logo and colour you should check that everything appears as you want them to during the signing process. Sometimes, for example, a logo should be cropped or a different colour chosen to make sure that everything can be seen clearly.

At invitation settings you can specify allowed signature types and these settings determine whether the company can use both strong authentication and light signature and which setting is a default on your company's account.

At invitation settings admin user can also adjust the default invitation expiration date. The time that is defined here is shown as default when user is creating an invitation. The expiration date can be 1-180 days. 

Last on this tab are the invitation templates. Company´s administrators can create and customize invitation templates to help speed up the invitation sending process.


On the users tab, you will find a list of all the users as well as all user groups created for the company account. You can add, edit, and delete new users and user groups. 

Message templates

You can create ready-made message templates and recipient groups. With message templates you can create your own messages and use those when you are sending an invitation. When you make an invitation, you can also use the recipient list, with all the signers on the list added automatically as signers.

Service connections

Next you'll find all the existing software connections, as well as the integrations you've set up for your company's account.


On the last tab you can check used signatures and text messages. You can specify the date range you want and see how many signatures and text messages have been used during that time. You can search transactions from a time span that is at most 45 days long.

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