The legal validity of an electronic signature is based on the fact that its integrity and origin is indisputable. Anyone can verify the correctness of an electronically signed document. This is done by checking who signed the document, when this was done and that the document has not been changed after signing.


Verifying a document without Adobe Reader

Start the verification by going to and enter the verification code at the bottom of the document, which is the part after the last slash character. Alternatively click the link to go to the page it directs you to. Follow the instructions on the image and check the document.



Verifying a document with Adobe Reader

 Start the verification by opening the signed document in Adobe Reader. Follow the instructions on the image and check the document.



What if verifying the signature fails or the signature is not valid?

If a document or its signatures have been changed after signing, such as by removing pages or changing the text, its integrity has been broken. In cases like this, the signature cannot be verified and the document can no longer be considered legally binding.

If the document has not been changed since the signature process, but the document’s verification details are nevertheless imperfect, ask for the original document from the sender to be checked again. If you are the document’s signer, you can also download it from the Visma Sign service.

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