Users groups define which folders users can access and what their rights are. You can add a user group from the organisation’s setting as follows:

1. Go to settings > users > groups > click and add new group.

2. Give the user group a name.

3. Add a description for the user group if necessary.

4. Select from the menu the folder the user group can access, and specify the necessary rights.

5. Add further folders using the + assign a new folder button.

6. Then click create role.


The access rights to a folder are as follows:

Admin / Write: For folders that a user group has been assigned admin or writing rights, the users can add new documents and delete existing ones. The rights are identical for the folders. If a user group has admin rights to all folders, it means that it has unlimited access to all files and documents, and can also change the company’s settings and access rights.

Read: If a user group has read rights to a folder, the users can see the documents but cannot add new ones. If a user group’s rights are changed, the new rights enter into force immediately for all users within the user group. If a user is moved from one user group to another, the rights in the new user group immediately apply to that user. With certain browsers, it may be necessary to log out of the service and back in to see the changes.

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