If the person is signing as a representative of a company, you should check the Signatures as an organization box on the invitation. When this option is checked, the signatory will also be asked to indicate the company he/she is representing when signing the invitation. Thus, the name of the company added by the signatory becomes part of the signature.

Where can I find the regulation?

When creating a signature invitation, you can set the Signatures as organization option under the Signatories heading. If you want to turn on the setting for only certain signatories, you can click on the custom button under that signatory and set the setting for only that specific person.

If the signatory is a user with a Visma Sign account of the company he/she represents, he/she will be able to select the company he/she represents directly from the menu provided by Visma Sign during the signature phase. When the representative company is selected directly from the menu, the signed document is stored in the representative company's repository and is not stored in the signatory's personal repository.

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