Start with the Form page, where you can change the following things.




1. The form name is shown on the form, used as the name of the PDF file created, and also shown in email messages sent by the service.

2. The form description consists of text. You can include bold and italic text, and links.

3. The other fields are dragged with a mouse from the left-hand column in the area between the description and the signature fields. Their order can be changed, the headings can be modified and the field properties (mandatory or not, etc.) by entering the text and by selecting the settings icon.

4. Personal identity code field. This is also optional field. By default, personal identity code is not mandatory information on the form. 

5. Email field. The signer’s email address is requested if you wish to send a copy to that address right after signing. It can also be requested if you want to display the signer’s email address on the form. You can select sending, saving or both from the email field settings. Note! If you do not want to send the email address nor save the email address, the email field will not be included on the form seen by the signer. However, it will always be visible when modifying the form. You can move it to any location.

If you also want to send a copy of the signed document to the signer, tick the “Send a notification of a successful signature to the filler of the form by email” box on the first page. Do this by clicking on the pen icon above the email field. All signed documents are stored in any case in the signer’s Visma Sign account Archive. If you use the default message or a message you have modified following a signature, signers may download the document from the page they have been directed after signing. If you direct the signer to some other address, the download alternative is not available.

Especially in any consumer business, you should ensure that a copy of any form that has been filled in is sent one way or another to the signer. Downloading the form immediately after signing, downloading by email and saving to the Visma Sign archive offer many ways to fulfil your delivery obligation. Please note that email is not a suitable way of sending a completed form, provided the form contains sensitive data. 

6. The Other signers feature is disabled feature. You can activate this feature by clicking on the pen icon just above the text. If you activate this feature, you can modify the following items.


7. The Published box is ticked by default. Untick it if you want to complete the form but do not want to publish it until later. 

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