Continue modifying the form on the Contact page. See below for some of the functions on this page and how your choices are shown on the completed form. 




1. You can select whether signed forms are sent to an email account of your choice by selecting Notify the organization about signed forms. Add the email address to which you want all signed forms to be sent as attachments. All signed documents are stored in any case in your company’s Visma Sign account Archive.

2. Select a company in the drop-down menu. If you have access to one company, select it. If you have access to more than one company, select the one whose Visma Sign Archive any completed copies of this form will be saved. The selected company will pay for the form signatures as part of its Visma Sign invoice. When you have added the details and selected the company, click Next.

3. If the company you chose has not yet activated the form service, the necessary steps to take will appear on the screen. For more details, see Activation of the form service when using the service the first time.

Later, once the form service has been activated, you will be taken directly to the Settings page.

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