The most common way to use Visma Sign is to send documents to be signed to one or more persons. In its most basic form, this is what you need to send a signature invitation: A PDF file containing the document to be signed and the email addresses and/or mobile phone numbers of the signers 

1. Start creating a signature invitation by selecting new document in the menu.

2. Name the document. This name will be shown in the email header of the signature invitation, during the signature process and in the Visma Sign documents after it has been signed.

3. Select the folder where the document will be saved in the documents.

4. Download the PDF file to be signed. 

The file cannot be more than 15 megabytes in size. You can add max.10 separate files per invitation. These files can contain max. 350 pages in total.

5. Select the require reading document button if you want. Email documents after signing button means that all the signers will get the signed PDF file by email when they have signed it. You can set this on if you want to.

6. Then add the signers. Note that if you are going to sign the agreement too, remember to add yourself.

You can add max. 50 signers for one invitation. 

7. If you want to create a separate document from several files at once, click the send documents to sign separately -button. With this option, you can send multiple PDF-files as separate invitations to signers. The signer can also sign these with the same invitation link. Please note that in this case, each invitation will have the same signers and settings and the signature of each document will be charged separately.

8. Select how the invitation will be sent to the recipient: email, text message or both. If you send invitation from your private account, you can only send invitations by email. 

9. If the document contain sensitive data, you can send a secure invitation. To do this, choose email + SMS and select two-factor authentication. This means that the link will be sent by email, but the password by text message. 

10. Add an optional message that will be shown in the invitation email. 

11. Select language and period of validity.

12. The default setting is that once all parties have signed the document, they will all be informed of this. If you don`t want them to have this email, you can deselect option notify invitees when everyone has signed. (This option appears as a megaphone symbol next to the signer)

Please note that if you do this, no copy of the signed document will be sent to the signers, and if it needs to be sent to them, you have to do this some other way.

13. If you want, you can select the option a separate document for each signer. In this case, all the signatures will be on separate documents. This option can be used when sending mass invitations in order to create several similar invitations at once.

14. If you send an invitation from a company account, there will be setting Invite with organization name only as a default. This means that the name of the sender is hidden and only the name of the company is shown to the signer. If you also want to show the name of the sender, you can click off this setting.

15. Select Include SSN to signature - to ask the signer to enter their personal identification number when they are signing. This personal identification number is stored on the signature page after the name of the signer. By default, the personal identification number is not asked at all.

16. Click save document and send invitations.

Note that you cannot modify an invitation afterwards, and you cannot, for example, add new signers once it has been sent. 

What kind of PDF files can be signed electronically? 

The file cannot be more than 15 megabytes in size. It may not be password-protected or write-protected. If attachments have been embedded into the PDF file, signing it might not work. The file name may not contain special characters, and the name may not be more than 255 characters long, file extension included.

Some free online software and very old PDF conversion programs make a broken file format that cannot be signed. If this is the case, copy the document content into some Office program and save it as a PDF file.

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