When you start using Visma Sign in your business account, we recommend that you first check the following things to make your startup smoother:

1. First, add different folders to your repository. You will need these when you want to create user groups.

2. Next, add different user groups to the account, to which you will always give access to one or more folders. You can create groups in Settings - Users - Add new group.

3. Once the groups have been created, add users to the company account. Remember to choose which group you want to put them in. To add new users, go to Settings - Users - Add new user.

4. Add a logo to the business account that will appear on the signature invitations created from the business account. You can add the logo in Settings - Basic company information. The logo must be a JPG, PNG or GIF image file up to half a megabyte in size. 

5. Define the allowed signature methods: can you create invitations with strong authentication or light signature? Or perhaps both? Go to Settings - Basic company information - Invitation settings and specify whether both methods can be used and which one is used by default. 

Selecting a signature type when creating an invitation


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