When you move from the main menu to the open invites folder, you can see a list of all the documents that have not been signed yet. In company view you see the documents in the folders to which the user has at minimum viewing rights.

You can do the following in the open invites folder:

1. You can view the oldest and most recent invitation directly below the heading.

2. You can click send reminder to remind invited persons that they have not signed a document yet. This will send a reminder by email to all who have not signed the document in question. If your setting is that invitations will be sent in order, only the signer next in line will receive a reminder. If you want to send a reminder to just one person, you can open the invitation and select the Send reminder button next to the person’s name.


Please note, that if you use SMS message to send an invitation, the new SMS message will be charged.


3. You can download a document to your own computer in PDF format by opening the document and selecting download.

4. When you open a document, you can see the details of the person who created the document, and when the invitation was sent.

5. You can view a document’s status as well as the signers and their signing details.

6. You can view a invitation’s universally unique identifier (UUID), which is shown to the left of the Send reminder button.

7. You can delete or cancel an invitation.

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